Burial Plot Purchases

The Aberfeldy Cemetery offers a range of options in regards to the interment, or future interment of the deceased, (i.e. burial in Cemetery, with a double or single plot, ashes interment in a family grave following a cremation etc.)

Given the extensive nature of the fees structure, it is recommended that queries be directed to the Secretary who can assist and guide you in regards to making a suitable selection.

Pre-purchasing your Burial Plot

Have you given any thought to pre-purchasing your burial plot at The ABERFELDY Cemetery?

Plots are available for pre-purchase in the Cemetery, along with places for the interment of ashes following a cremation.

Prepayments can be arranged by contacting the Secretary.

If, for some reason, circumstances change for persons who have pre-purchased their burial plot and they therefore wish to relinquish this, then the plot can be returned to the Cemetery Trust and a refund made, based on the current fee at the time the plot is relinquished. Also, there will be additional charges that are payable as follows:

  • An administration fee for the handling of the relinquishing process.
  • A fee for maintaining the plot, i.e. mowing etc. This fee is based on a percentage scale over the timeframe that the plot is owned by the purchaser. This fee scale is set by the Department of Health & Human Services.

The Cemetery Trust requires that grave plots purchased must have a ‘headstone’ or ‘desktop’ monument erected within twelve months of the purchase. If a grave plot is relinquished with a monument in place, the Cemetery Trust will not be responsible for:

  • costs for the removal of the monument if the purchaser decides to remove this for future use elsewhere
  • compensation for any financial outlay for the monument.


Fees increase every 12 months according to CPI.