Aberfeldy Cemetery

The Aberfeldy Cemetery was gazetted in 1877 but burials occurred in this land for some years before that.  The earliest known burial is 1863.  The township of Aberfeldy was also known as Mount Lookout.  In its heyday in the late 1800's the population was approximately 1,000 people.  This cemetery contains some beautiful old grave stones.

The Aberfeldy Cemetery contains 85 pioneer graves but also operates as an functional cemetery today.

Donnelly's Creek Burial Ground

Donnelly's Creek Burial Ground also known as Store Point Burial Ground, has recorded 41 burials in this historic ground.  The oldest grave found here is from 1862 and the only marked grave is that of John Dare who died in 1894.

Edward's Reef Burial Ground

The Edward's Reef Burial Ground situated at the top end of Donnelly's Creek Road north of Walhalla, has 24 known burials, the oldest of which is from 1865.  The only marked grave in this Burial Ground is Christina Shaw who died in 1877, and beside this grave is an interpretive sign telling her story.

Toombon Pioneer Cemetery

The Toombon Cemetery was set aside to be a cemetery in 1886, although it was being used as a cemetery before that time.  The earliest known grave is 1883.  There are 25 known burials in this Cemetery.  The white quartz rocks marks these graves.