Our Volunteers

Our Trust is made up of 8 Trustees who are government appointees.   All are voluntary workers for the Aberfeldy Cemetery Trust.  We encourage members of the local community to assist when we have a particular project that needs extra hands.  Four wheel drive clubs are invaluable in helping with various tasks the Trust have undertaken to improve each of the areas for which we are responsible.

Toombon_Graves_surrounded_with_quartz.jpgAfter the 2007 bushfires, the Toombon Cemetery & the Edward's Reef Burial Ground was cleared and burnt by fire.  This exposed many graves that had been hidden under the leaves & bark.  We could now see the rectangular shapes in the sides of the hill.  A four wheel drive club was asked to assist in marking these graves with white quartz rocks. Two trailer loads of the rocks were placed around each of these graves making them easily seen by visitors now exploring these areas.

The Trust is very grateful for everyone's help in whatever project is being worked on.   Volunteers are always encouraged to contact the Secretary and be called on whenever a project is started.