About Us

24._Aberfeldy_Cemetery_today.JPGThe Aberfeldy Cemetery Trust operates one cemetery for burials and we take care of two Burial Grounds and one closed cemetery, containing pioneer graves. 

The Burial Grounds are at Donnelly's Creek (Store Point) and Edward's Reef respectively and the pioneer cemetery is at Toombon, an old mining town which was in its heyday during the period of 1873 - 1913. They are of great interest to people wanting to learn more of their past or learn what life was like during the 1870's through to the first World War.  

If you think you have family in any of these cemeteries or burial grounds and would like some assistance with your family history, please contact the Secretary who undertakes genealogy work for the Trust and has records of these areas. 



What is the difference between a cemetery and a burial ground?

A burial ground is a cemetery ground that has not been gazetted by the government. People were still buried in these areas and they are of great significance to the history of our past, as they functioned as cemeteries at the time of operation. Donnelly's Creek & Edward's Reef were called "cemetery" in the old records.